Friday, April 18, 2008

Put That Light Out!

I am an occasional contributor to the Free Society blog. In this article, I compare the government's proscriptive diktat banning domestic tungsten lightbulbs with their insistence on ugly light-polluting high-pressure sodium being specified for general street-lighting. Why is CFL okay for us, but not for them? After all, it's rubbish* as a table-lamp but great** as a streetlight.

Why doesn't government want to take it's own medicine?

* Expensive in comparison with tungsten. Short life if used in an energy-efficient manner, as they don't like frequent switching. Lower light-quality.
** Would work out cheaper than HPS if Lewin's Lumen-Effectiveness Multiplier is taken into account and lower wattages were run. Long-lasting when left on all night. Light-quality a million billion times better than any sodium.

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