Thursday, September 15, 2005

Oxford - St.Giles

Looking west across Oxford's St. Giles and into Pusey Lane. What I like in this picture is that it achieves a clear illustration of the effects of three types of street-lighting. The foreground is lit by the colour-corrected HPS as seen in the following images. Pusey Lane has full-spectrum Compact Fluorescent giving a more natural, neutral feeling but one which complements the architecture to sublime effect. Note also, how clear is the view down this lane and how this is achieved with less light being reflected off the road-surface. The parking lanes which border the main carriageway are lit with conventional H.P.S., notably more abrasive than the main lighting scheme. One is seen here to the right of the frame. This picture was taken in fine Septemberous conditions, soon after sunset.

Looking south from the War Memorial and towards the Martyr's Memorial at the junction of Beaumont Street, with the colour-corrected H.P.S. seen as a ribbon of "heritage" twin-fixtures running down the centre-island of this wide thoroughfare. The crappy old HPS Ordinaire may be seen casting it's dusky-peach sameness unto the periphery parking bays behind the trees.

Another view south, with the Eagle and Child pub just visible behind the rightmost HPS light. The trees look agreeably verdant under the main illumination of improved HPS, the white and yellow road-markings are distinct and the red car looks red. Although a touch bright for my tastes, this installation does feel appropriate for the setting of this busy and architecturally rich central street.

At the north end of St.Giles and forking onto the Woodstock Road, this sunset view is shown in order to provide a comparison between St. Giles' improved yellow-white HPS and Woodstock Road's regular dusky-peach HPS.


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