Friday, September 30, 2005


It is a FACT that Hell is illuminated by Sodium Discharge lighting, which, as we all surely know by now, gives VERY POOR colour rendering capability and an unfortunate dusky peach ambience. The muses are repelled and this may well provide an explanation as to why no English word can be found to rhymme with "orange".


Anonymous Pat Mullins said...

We've just launched a new web site for our company (click on name).

I would like to find some case study that shows crime prevention as a result of more lighting.
Do you have any such thing?

5:51 pm  
Blogger Basil Brown said...

Hi Pat,

The best research I've found addressing the influence of street-lighting on crime is that of Dr. Barry Clarke. I've linked Part 1 of this detailed report on the sidebar; Part 2 is available from the Astronomical Society of Victoria's homepage. This study tended to find against high artificial lighting levels as an answer to crime and disorder.

A piece of meta-analysis you may be interested in is the Farrington & Welsh report, Home Office Research Study 251 pub.2002:

Effects of improved street lighting on crime: a systematic review

Bear in mind the following caveats:

1/ This is a piece of meta-analysis: the researchers used data from previous studies, some quite old, to arrive at their conclusions. Which studies were selected for inclusion and which were not selected could tell us something about researcher-bias and the remit dictated by the politicians the thing was written for.

2/ There was no investigation into, or discussion of, the role lighting type had on the figures given. This was an analysis of what happens [or appears to happen] when the brightness is turned up, nothing more.

3/ Read Paul Marchant's critique of this study, and the British Home Office's subsequent interpretation of it's findings [linked from sidebar].

But hey, a bit of selective quoting could serve a useful end if it goes any distance toward helping get rid of ugly HPS lights and replacing them with cool-white LED's. [And the whole-life cost-comparison against existing sodium-discharge lamps looks to be what our dear politicians might term "compelling". Said politicians still need to get out of what you call the "lumen legacy" though and, to this end, I fear some further education may be necessary.]

2:21 am  

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